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The Shield

It came and went. What did everyone think?
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I thought it was pretty awesome. It is hard to be as addicted as i was at this point b/c it was only the 1st episode - but it looks promising. I still prefer watching shows on DVD - but I am glad we got caught up in time to see this season.
It was a great setup to the season. They do a really good job catching you up.

I agree with Jenn though that it is hard to be super addicted right now. It always takes me a few episodes to really get hooked on this series. But from the preview, I am sure that I will be.

Only minus...I can't watch the whole season this weekend! :)
Yeah, I could see a lot of stuff settling in. The money thing is gonna be a bitch and I forsee serious issues.
Also, it seems like it's gonna degenerate between Aceveda and Claudette.
It was not a let down, but it sucks to have to wait until next Tuesday for the next. THAT is a letdown.
Luckily, the recaps are awesome.